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Welcome to Think On Photography

My name is Jim McClelland and I have been taking pictures ever since my parents let me buy a Kodak Brownie Bullet camera for $1.00 at a garage sale in the late 60's. 

I had a lot to learn back then: film sizes, ISO, film speeds?  Fortunately my father was pretty savvy about cameras and he taught me the basics.  I then wasted roll after roll taking pictures of animals, cars, insects, buildings, plants and everything else that caught my eye.  I can't remember how many chores I had to do to make enough money to keep buying and developing film when I was young.  I’ve come a long way since that Brownie Bullet camera in the past 45 years or so.  I was a very visual person back then and I still am today.  I have always felt that I see things a little different than most.

Think On Photography is the culmination of years of hard work, continuing education, and a relentless dedication to the craft. While equipment advances have been tremendous over the decades, I believe that a photographer is only as good as their artistic vision, they must have the eye of a photographer.  I enjoy the art of capturing any moment I find beautiful and allowing it to be saved for a lifetime.  I also enjoy artistic post production work, which I employ on a select number of my photographs.  I have had numerous photographs used in print and social media, locally, nationally and internationally. I have photographed sports from the high school level to the Division-1 Collegiate and Olympic development levels.  I have also captured the moments of collegiate senior photos, family gatherings and weddings.  

I truly am a freelance photographer and I do not limit my abilities to one form of photography.  

I am available for hire and assignment and am willing to travel.  I will cover your special event, news story, team or individual sporting events, and more.  If you are looking for a particular fine art piece I would be more than willing to work with you on that project as well. 

Please contact me for additional information and thank you for stopping by Think On Photography.